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Welcome to London Vacation Rental!

We offer a large number of vacation rental apartments throughout London and the United Kingdom. Please use the search tool below to find a suitable vacation rental apartment. Our money back guarantee* on all our vacation rental holiday apartments offer you peace of mind when making your reservation.

London self catering rentals for vacation and corporate needs!

London is a great city to explore. With a range of London vacation rentals available throughout the city you are able to select a vacation rental suitable to you. All our London vacation rentals offer self catering accommodation and can be booked online. A vacation rental in London offers you more space than a hotel with the flexibility of being able to self cater when required. Use the search engine above to find a suitable London vacation rental.

London Vacation Rentals offers personalized accommodation unlike commercial vacation rentals that are cold, impersonal and expensive.

London Vacation Rentals are better than a bed and breakfast that are often cheap down-market hotels where you living embarrassingly close to the owner or other guests.

Hotels are too formal, lack space and are often overly expensive and do not provide the flexibility and space provided by a London Vacation Rental.


London Vacation Rentals


Typical vacation rental apartment building in London, United Kingdom.

*subject to terms and conditions available on reservation page for each apartment.

London Vacation Rental
Number 4, 63 Sinclair Road
Kensington Olympia
London W14 0NR
Tel. (+44) 7545 884 204
Fax. (+44) 700 345 0935

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